Backup Solutions


We at CICT offer backup solutions for your business, be it onsite or cloud backup. In today’s advanced technology every organization has loads of data available on their devices. What if they break down or data is lost, this will be really catastrophic and harm your business negatively. Earlier data was stored on physical devices that could be lost, but now with advancements in technology; you can save your data on the cloud as well.

Natural disaster


Data Loss


Data privacy

Peace Of Mind

  • For Protection against Natural Disasters

    What do you plan to do if you are faced with a natural disaster? Your office might be in ruins and computers and servers destroyed. Data is the new Gold      and to save your gold from any natural calamity you have to keep data backup.

  • Prevention Against Hackers and bugs

    Today anything that is on the internet can be hacked. It can be through viruses, Trojan horses, or other malware that can corrupt your data. For many of        you, this would have already happened in the past. To protect data from any mishap you must opt for our multi-tier cloud-based backup solution.

  • Multi-Tier protection

    We offer multi-tier backup solutions, which include physical storage ie. On the hardware and on the cloud servers. This provides an additional layer of          protection to your valuable data. With our backup solutions, your data is secret safe with us at all times.

  • Data Privacy

    The most important thing if you are storing data with a 3rd party is data privacy. We offer you high levels of privacy, and security so that your backed-          up  data is safe and only accessible to you. We offer multiple levels of security and accessibility checks to ensure the same.