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Cloud computing means that you will no longer have to worry about maintaining servers, software upgrades, not to mention that you will not be dealing with downtime or operation interruptions to handle an issue. CICT cloud solutions enables you to access secure, business level data centres to host applications, databases, websites, email and more. In addition, your team will have easy access to data and documents from any device through any Internet connection.

At CICT Solutions we offer cloud services that deliver real value and substantial cost savings. Being your cloud services partner, CICT will provide solid solutions that are available within days (and in some cases, hours) that would improve the team’s efficiency significantly.

What are the advantages of cloud solutions?
Here are some of the advantages of cloud solutions.

– Cost effective
Our cloud solutions are extremely cost-effective. You can save a lot of your precious capital and use it in the future growth of the company. With cloud software solutions or platforms, you get great service that can be subscribed or unsubscribed depending on your requirements.

– Data Security
Data security is a major threat today. With our cloud solutions, you don’t have to worry about data theft or cyber-attacks. We practice high levels of caution and inculcate great security features that include protection against hacks, malware, cyber-attacks, and Trojan horses. With our cloud solutions, you do not have to spend anything on data security.

– Low Maintenance
With our SaaS or PaaS services, you do not have to worry about maintenance. With our On-demand IT services, our team of engineers is always on board to resolve any glitch that occurs. Our team has a job of 24*7 monitoring of our cloud’s- software, platforms, and hardware.

– Flexibility
With cloud solutions, we give you a unique ability to scale as per the demand. Your need for consumption of resources can increase or decrease with time. We give you a great alternative to minimize the amount of capital that you need to spend. With fixed resources come fixed costs. We help you to avoid any fixed costs and subscribe to our services when you need them.

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