Business Phones


The need for communication within or outside a small or medium-sized organization is important. The significance of effective communication is well acknowledged and through our VOIP (Voice over communication protocol) systems we enable the same. It is completely different when compared to your normal telecommunication network. This technology allows you to make voice calls using your company’s broadband connection. You might wonder how it benefits my company. VOIP for businesses acts as a unified gateway for all your services including calls, fax, printers, e-mails, and video conferences. VoIP systems are intelligent- they use your internet and the local area network for phone calls, which allows you to have access to an integrated infrastructure that can support different types of communication.

Numbers Without Wires

Customer Managment

Multiple Extensions

24/7 Support

  • A Business Number without Wires

    With our best-in-class solutions, you can get a business phone number without actually owning a physical landline phone. This is possible through                voice  over  the internet. You can integrate your mobile number with our application and send-receive calls using your mobile or laptop. You can track          call duration, hold times, wait times, and overall usage. Isn’t that great! With time the relevancy of traditional landline headsets has eroded, companies        must have business numbers as it looks professional and is effective in generating leads and services.

  •  Customer Management and Live Chat

     Through our VOIP Business Phone solutions, it is easy to provide services to your clients. The best part is you  do not need a phone to make calls; you can       do it from your computer or even indulge them in a chat. Often waiting in a queue on the phone line is irritating for a customer. Why not provide them a         chance to talk directly to your representatives through chat?

  •  Multiple Extensions

     Through our business phone services, you get multiple user access, customized call forwarding, call queuing, and voicemail. Moreover, you will be able         to access video conferences and other integrated hardware in your work environment. This saves a lot of time and helps increase employee                             productivity. You can share one business phone number with multiple users simultaneously.

  • 24*7 Maintenance Support

    With our business phone solutions, all you need is a fast internet connection. But what if you come across a glitch in your network hardware or software?      Our team provides 24*7 assistance and full floater protection to all your hardware and software related outages. We ensure that you don’t end wasting        precious time in troubleshooting and focus on your core competence.