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Waiting in a queue or being put on hold for a long duration can irritate your customers. This customer experience may lead to poor feedback and lost business leads. A VoIP phone solution can help reduce wait times and keep your customers happy.

If you are looking for a fully integrated VoIP system to streamline all internal and external communication in your business, your search ends with CICT Solutions.

Our highly sophisticated business phone system can help your workforce communicate and stay connected with clients and peers anytime, anywhere. The cloud-based technology delivers incoming and outgoing calls over the internet instead of a regular wired phone.

VoIP that Gives You More than a Typical Phone Line!

As long as you have a high-speed and stable internet connection, you can reach out to your customers and collaborate with team members quickly and at no additional charge. You can connect through a standard IP phone, mobile, tablet, or laptop. This flexibility saves a lot of time and helps increase your employee productivity.

Besides being faster and cheaper than a typical phone system, it acts as a unified gateway for all your services, such as audio calls, voicemail, voice-to-e-mail, customized call forwarding, missed call notifications, video conferencing, file sharing, multiple user access, live chat, whiteboarding, and more. Our user management portal allows you to track call flow, call duration, hold times, wait times, and overall usage for internal reporting purposes.

VoIP is Scalable to Your Growing Business Needs

As your business grows and customers increase, you can upgrade your VoIP phone system’s capabilities and endpoints and add more services. Since it is a hosted VoIP system, any future upgrades or additional DID numbers won’t cost unreasonable amounts or require weeks to implement.

With a trusted cloud PBX system provider like CICT, you can expect quick responses, excellent service, and fair pricing.

If you are looking for a dependable VoIP phone system for your business, contact CICT Solutions or call 1300 06 06 01 to speak to one of our representatives today!